Thursday, 8 January 2009

Business School

Welcome to my Business School Idiot Masterclass.

This is Module 111. Section 2c, entitled How and When to Save Money.

Running a busy advertising agency means inevitably you'll have to use freelance staff from time to time.

This can be done either by dealing with the trader directly, or through a third party agent for a small arrangement fee.

To avoid unnecessary fees, always deal with the trader directly. NEVER phone the trader first, then phone the trader's agent because you can't get hold of them at that minute, and then -after booking the trader via the agent- ask the trader to sidestep the agent altogether in order to avoid fees, because you've already agreed your contract via the agent you thick bastard and they're gonna phone you and hassle you and hound you to death over why the job "mysteriously" fell through aren't they -duh!- and besides which you don't pay enough regularly enough for a trader to tell a big fat "no, I'm not doing that job today" lie to the people who facilitate their work you fucking pillock.

CONCLUSION: Cheeky = ok
Fucking stupid = expensive

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