Monday, 22 February 2010

Latest Opportunities From BBC Writer's Room

ImmiGrunt Scotland
£300 bursary for best new single-syllable monologue from a Scottish immigrant writer.
Winners will have their work performed in an Edinburgh pub during the festival.

The Haydn Sikh Show
Hilarious new topical radio sketch show is now looking for submissions. Cast consists of two males - one British, one Asian. Both can do women's voices. Material must be centered around British Asians (preferably Sikhs), and the German classical composer, Josef Haydn. We may consider material about actor Hayden Christensen at a push. No more than 25 sketches per submission.

Queer As Fuck
The Come Unity Theatre Group is offering £50 for sexually explicit 1 act plays from up and coming gay/lesbian writers. The stronger the better. No questions asked.

Northern Vowels
Part of the "Please. Look North" season, this established theatre now has £25000 of Lottery funding. They would like to hear from Northern writers interested in producing dialect versions of all of David Hare's plays. We are particularly interested in hearing from Scousers, who sound really threatening.