Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Advertising Feature

Infested by sharks? Swum with a dolphin that wasn't your fault?

Call Maritime Lawyers 4U on 0800 YO-HO-HO, and let our seasoned crew of salty sea-licitors ferry you out of the deepest waters.

With over 35 years at the helm, we specialise in:

Cutlass indemnity
Cannon fire

What our clients have been howling into the wind about us:

"Thanks to Maritime Lawyers 4U I recovered 100% of the cursed treasure I thought I'd lost forever."

"Having had my leg blown off in a naval battle, I thought my sea-faring days were over. But after speaking to me hearties at Maritime Lawyers 4U, I was entitled to a whole barrel of rum and 5 men to hold me down screaming as they tore the stump away and fitted me up for wooden replacement."

If there's no wind, there's no sea. So come hell or high water, we'll get you whatever you deserve at Maritime Lawyers 4U.

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