Tuesday, 2 February 2010

10 Advertising Agencies Expressed as Genitals

1. Droga5 - Small, pale penis with a weird, pierced bell-end

2. McCanns = Big hairy, 1970s minge

3. Weiden + Kennedy - Quivering, hairless, porn-star vulva. Like a genetically enhanced nostril.

4. St. Lukes - Common or garden penis

5. Mother - Great big hairy bollocks

6. TBWA - Shrivelled up todger due to steroid abuse. Like a burnt snail.

7. Ogilvy - Dad's cock or the Queen's gash ie. taken for granted, battered and faithful

8. WCRS - Definately a big cock, but shaved to look even bigger

9. BMB - Imaginary vagina of a woman you think you should've married

10. Albion - Kinky, half-formed secret willy between bum and fanny

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