Tuesday, 16 February 2010

'Ave It

Yoo hoo.

It's me, Pep St. Johnswort from Snatch London. This is just to remind people that this month's sub-media planning forum is taking place at the Squint Gallery in Hoxton this Freitag and to tell you all that blogging is - like - just sooo gay these days.

Totally queer as.

I can't believe you're all here, man.


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Simian said...

Hi, Simian Gladtrees, Creative Executive honcho-meister of Snatch London here.

I'd just to re-iterate what my colleague Pep has said there. In a multi-dimensional 360degree audience orbit, we need to embrace the the new-media-androgyny of the digital age more creatively, passionately, and tenderly you fucking homos.

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