Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Welcome to JihAdvertising. The ups and downs of a young british muslim, young british art director. Here you'll find some thoughts on branding, graphic design, and the justice of Allah.

Damn these new commecials from the infernal House of Beattie McGuiness Bungay!

They offend myself and other young muslim art directors with their tasteful lighting, slick direction and ace special effects. My faith may forbid me from even engaging with such glib and light-hearted portrayals of avarice, but this new strategy is a clear and blatant attack against myself and all right-thinking creatives.

Young muslim art directors, I urge you, rise up against this abortion and the agencies of the West (End). May the wings of Allah behead your planners with a flap of his righteous tail-feathers. Let his wrath know no bounds, bringing flame upon your scamp pad and great shit all over your MacBook fucking Pro-ponces.

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