Thursday, 19 March 2009

Using Gags

This is a gag: A means of restraining, and preventing a persons speech.

This -------> [I'm a link!] is also a gag: A kind of very broad joke.

You see words can have lots of different meanings. So the Local Government Association's list of 200 words that councils shouldn't use is both a means of restraining councillors speech, and also a kind of joke.

Why? Because presumably they're still aloud to say "shitcunt", "flapspank," "fuckwit", and "spunkbubble"...

From: T17 Planning and Heritage Dept.

Dear LGA,

Thanks for your list of banned words. A lot of us still call our boss "Turdy" or "That fucking turd" or "Bender" or "Bum Ra" though.

Where do we stand?

Team 17

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