Tuesday, 17 March 2009

If it's one thing that makes me angry it's...

People who say "If there's one thing that make me angry it's X", where X is something really abstract and/or inconsequential, and they're just exaggerating or dramatising their own ability to notice things.

So please note: being angry is not the same as being surprised, dismayed, or alarmed by something you've spotted. If Peter Sutcliffe said "If it's one thing that makes me angry, it's prostitutes" he isn't just making conversation, ok. He really means it.

Does that "one thing" really make you genuinely, properly, torture-stab-and-kill-the fuckers angry, then?

(Yes. Yes, it does.)

1 comment:

Pieman said...

If there's one thing that makes me angry it's Mexicans. Why'd they have to call everyone 'Bandito'? What's wrong with 'Sir'?