Tuesday, 10 March 2009

an Flilm Reevoo by mE, aged 5

Mummy let me watch some films this weekend. We had popcorn and sweets and sat next to a fat man.

We went to watch the film called Watchmen which has a sexy lady like this:

When the Watchmen started, all the people in the cinema was deadly quiet. Most times people talk and make noise during the adverts but the people who watched Watchmen were all 18 and very serious and silent. But the Watchmen is a very loud film with lots of noise and fighting, and lots of speaking inbetween. All the Watchmen have silly clothes as well which really made me laugh except the sexy lady which made me feel funny. I nearly had to go to the toilet because of it but luckily the film ended suddenly and in the nick of time.

Even though I am only 5, I really like the cartoon of Watchmen but would only give this film 6/10. All of the things that I liked in the cartoon are not in this film. They didn't do the pirate story or explain the baddie, and the president's nose isn't real.

Mum said that Watchmen is like "Satantango with superheroes". She said "You either make it 7 hours long or you should'nt bother at all."

I agree with my mum.


that french saying said...

I just watched this last night. I got free Sprite.

John said...

Did you go with your mum, too?

that french saying said...

No, my friend who's a boy. We giggled when the girl did get her boobies out.

John said...

What are "boobies"?

that french saying said...

Milk glands.

John said...

I like milk. Mum says i need to grow out of it though.