Thursday, 10 January 2008

Yellow Lounge (it's about bloody time).

The Arts bit of that left-wing agitprop hippy rag, The Guardian, ran a short piece about this yesterday: The Yellow Lounge; a club night dedicated entirely to classical music. Ruthlessly organised by our cultured friends, the Germans, it's quickly become one of Berlin's twendiest nights out. And thank fucking-Christ for that.

Me and a couple of mates have "gone all classical" over these last 18months since we took the plunge with Professor Robert Greenburg's fantastic lecture series "How to listen to and understand great music" by The Teaching Company (kinda like the American Open University). We pinched the torrents from (tee-hee!) you-know-where and haven't looked back since. So whilst the rest of the world is boldly shitting out bollocks like this and hysterically bellowing a lot of cobblers at the swirling, misty gas of the future, we've all been refining ourselves in the discipline and rigours of the great composers. And I can't recommend it enough. It's not often you can say something genuinely changes your life but appreciating and understanding classical music (as opposed to say, Elliot Smith) is one of those rare things. So. There.

Anyway, going back to the club night, whilst the concept does whiff a wee bit of pretension, one of the great things is it's attachment to the Deutsche Grammaphon record label, which means that sets feature live performances from some of the world's most respected classical performers. And I thought it'd just be a room full of kids in plastic sunglasses pretending to dance a Viennese waltz.

So. Who would've thought that I'm fucking cool at last! Come on kids, let's crank up Prokofiev's 3rd Piano Concerto - you know that Andante kicks arse!

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Doug van Orsow said...

I've been search for three years for a Teaching Company lecturer with the same kick ass style as Bob Greenberg. No luck of course, but it's a lot of fun just trying.

Try my user forum where I review all lectures from their new courses:

Hey, its a way of life,
enjoy it,

Doug van Orsow