Tuesday, 22 January 2008

CopyWrongs #1

Ladies and gentlemen, my I welcome you all to this, the inaugural presentation of the (tentatively titled) Thomas Guygax Award for Crimes Against English and CopyWronging (I'll think of something more snappy for next time).

And this week's winner is.... the Night Hotel NY website.

Then so shall it be, indeed. So, congratulations to the Night Hotel for buggering up your words. "An excercise of Modern Gothic Gotham," eh? Sorry, mate. Never heard of him... Did we mention the black and white? The contrast? The white? The black? A spectrum! And a contrast? "Some things only happen at NIGHT." Yes. Like sleeping. No mention of any beds though. Hmmm. Come on, love. Let's try somewhere else. I can't speak German.

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