Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Poetry 2

Ok then. So, as promised yesterday, here's my sonnet based on (da-dada-dah!) the Everest Windows January sale. For those of you interested enough, this is an English sonnet rather than an Italian one, and no, it isn't written in iambic pentameter.

I think I now know why people don't use poetry in advertising: because writing this made me feel like one of those people who send their work into Countdown for Whitely/Lynam to read out; some retired headmaster, conceitedly sucking a Werther's Original as Vorderman applaudes his futile observations about Giles Brandreth's jumpers or something. Sorry folks, but poetry makes you feel faded and very, very beige indeed.

No more after this. I promise.
Enjoy (although I doubt it).

Everest windows keep out the cold,
For those in their maturity
But we don’t just make them for the old.
Cos’ they’re great for your security.

Tailor made to your design,
Hand-crafted and made specific,
We fit and finish to combine
A service that’s terrific.

Stained and leaded, plain or wood
There aint no compromise on style,
Our sliding sashes look just as good,
UPVC is so versatile!

So come my friends and let Everest prevail!
You'll save 40% in our January Sale!

(Holy fucking Christ, kill me now..!)

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