Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Drum Interviews Alex Bogusky

by The Drum's very own scoop-finder general, Swinton Malteser

The Drum convinced advertising legend Alex Bogusky, creative executive mastermind of the giant global advertising leviathan Crispy Bogusky Proctor & Gamble, to give us a rare telephone interview over his privately owned American telephone line.

[Phone ringing out for 10 to 15 minutes]

AB: Hello, yes?

THE DRUM: Hello?

AB: Hello!

THE DRUM: Oh, er, is that Mr. Er... Mr. Bogus-Sky?

AB: Bogusky. Speaking. Who is this?

THE DRUM: Eh? Oh, my name's Andy. I work at The Drum.

AB: Who?

THE DRUM: The Drum magazine. In the... England.

AB: Right. I don't -

THE DRUM: We're a trade title. For the creative industries.

AB: Ok.

THE DRUM: Outside the M25.

AB: The what?

THE DRUM: The - er, road around, the motorway really, around the - London...

AB: Sorry. What is this about?

THE DRUM: Right. We were just after a few quotes, Mr. Bogusky. For a piece we're writing. We all value your opinion Mr. Bogusky and thought er -

AB: Listen. Thanks, but I don't normally do... (Sigh)Look just make it quick, ok.

THE DRUM: Brilliant! Thank you so much, Alex, er, Bogusky. Really appreciate this.

AB: Sure.

THE DRUM: Right, we're putting together a kind of survey of the various regions' creative outputs...

AB: Why?

THE DRUM: So that erm... I don't know. It's just what we do.

AB: Compare regions creativity?

THE DRUM: Yes. No. I mean, it's meant to be a showcase.

AB: Like D&AD?

THE DRUM: Kind of. Yes.

AB: You pay to be in the magazine - showcase?

THE DRUM: Exactly!

AB: Hmmmm...

THE DRUM: So, we just want to know who's your favourite agency in and around Staffordshire?

AB: Where?

THE DRUM: Well, the Midlands really. But we're trying to boost circulation around North Staffs.

AB: But I - I don't know where any of these places are.

THE DRUM: Oh. Ok. Well, have you heard of an agency called McCann Erickson?

AB: Of course I have.

THE DRUM: Ok, well just say McCann Erickson Birmingham then.

AB: Hang on. I don't even -

THE DRUM: That's great Mr. Bogusky. Brilliant. Cheers. And if you ever need a month's free membership to the Marketing Industry Network, just give us a call and we'll see what we can do, eh. Thanks again, mate. Cheers now.

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