Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hello i am ann art directer

Hi my name is dano and im an award wining art doirector. i neeed a copyrigter to right sum lines for my new ad campain for Solvite wallpapper paste. It lucks like this.

Im trying to expres how easy the Solvite fgoes on by usingf these flowing of line, and peeple being stook on the walls showing the strenght and personallity of the Solvite.

I know this is a winnin concept but it just neds that just right line to bring it to life like the icing on the sugar.

ANy copyrighters reading this plesae gt in touch as words arent my srong point.

1 comment:

andywhite said...

Stick it RIGHT up. With Solvite.

£800.00 please.