Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Feng Shui nightmare

Christ my life is awful. Can you believe that every day I have to walk into a room and pull up my own chair. And to make matters worse, the chair is always in the same place. What a fucking cheek!

Thank God then thatthis man came along though, right?

Er, no. In a bold typeface. Stamped on the concrete I've buried him in.

Whilst an exhibition of "dynamic furniture" is pretty typical of the sort of superficially groundbreaking horseshit that PSFK pedals (seemingly) around the clock, it's also a perfect example of the fundamentally incorrect, dim-witted, and -well- crap human thinking PSKF unwittingly and passively promotes. Don't get me wrong. I love new shit. I like breaking moulds (preferably with fists) as much as the next man. But come on. Furniture that "reconfigures" itself depending on how I want to use the room. How's that work then, knobhead? If it's like that talking paperclip in Word ("Hey, it looks like you're pacing nervously") it'd spend more time switched off than it would doing anyone any favours.

Why do we seem to love creating technology that tries to second-guess us - that patronises and dehumanises us? And why is PSFK so indiscriminate about the mindless shit it promotes?

Oh, I know. Because it uses a computer to source its news, rather than journalists who tend to have an objective point of view.

Anyway, I'm off to put a diesel engine on my pen to see how it affects my writing.

See you in the future, hippies! Last one to there's a bender.

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