Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Quality Street Awards 2010

Ladies and very gentle men, we are pleased to announce that entries for the first annual Content Flavoured Trousers Quality Street Advertising Awards are now open.

The Quality Street Awards seek to recognise the very best and rarest of talents within the advertising industry, without charging you any money at all to be nominated. The Quality Street Awards are open to anyone who works in advertising in the UK. Players must be over 18. Judging takes place some time in the new year, but we'll stick a picture up of Dave Trott looking fat and interested or something to help you pretend he's judging it. Placings are as follows:

Gold = Green Triangle
Silver = Caramel Swirl
Bronze = Coconut thingy

How to enter: Choose a category from the list below, place your nomination/link/whatever in the comments box, and the fat picture of Dave Trott'll be in touch!


1. Best Advert By a Man Called Dave/David

2. The Nice Award for "Yeah, nice stuff"

3. Most Expensive Load of Bollocks

4. Most Christian Sounding Blogpost by a Planner

5. Least Creative Director

6. Best Brew by a Placement Team

7. Most Worried About Their Appearance

8. Total Cunt award for the Biggest Absolute Shitting Bastard

9. Weirdest Headline (on a poster on a bus or train)

10. Best Nomination in a Self-Nominated Category

UPDATE: We've just confirmed that along with the fat picture of Dave Trott, we've now added this fat picture of Charlotte Church to our judging panel. Get in!

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