Tuesday, 29 December 2009

12 Days of Cackmas (work in progress)

Day 1 (Cackmas Eve): AM: Shopping with zombies. PM: Bit of turkey, fair amount of scotch.

Day 2 (Cackmas Day): AM: Usual. PM: Usual

Day 3 (Cackmas Day Part II): AM: Stress, stress, cooking!, fucking stress. PM: Drinking, serving drinks, dishwasher, drinks, dishwasher, dishwasher, dishwasher, drinks, fucking cheese, dishwashser.

Day 4: AM: Hoover, tip, more hoover. PM: Unblock drain, swear, buckets.

Day 5: AM: Tip again, buckets AGAIN!, swearing, dial-a-cunt. PM: Scotch, Modern Warfare 2, cheese.

Day 6: AM: Drain plus cunt plus girlfriend = fighty tears


Leon said...

Shit, Dave you really need to cheer up. I know Christmas can be a bit stressful, what with the DFS adverts and all, but come on man..? (A couple of bottles of red wine usually does the trick for me.) Anyway, my son asked to borrow my illustrated copy of Dante's Inferno tonight which cheered me right up. Gotta try harder.

John said...

It's a touching story Leon, but who's Dave?

Leon said...

Dave is my imaginary friend.