Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Join In

Hi there blog-hounds. Sorry for not posting these last few days, only I've been real busy NOT THINKING ABOUT ADVERTISING of late. Still, I'm sure you lot will have made up for it, cruising the web for other people's work to slag-off anonymously in a comment box, as though you'd never be so crass and unsophisticated as to deliver a piece of work that does all the dumb things clients ask you to do, and the context of which you have no knowledge of anyway because you work in your agency and not the one whose work you're pointlessly sniping at like a jealous neighbour, because that's just intellectually lazy, right? and goes totally against the principles of the seasoned Anonymous Commentator.

But as I say, I've NOT been thinking about advertising of late. So I haven't even seen this ad...

...which is as well because the consensus is it's absolute fucking dogshit, as opposed to say, just a really shit angle to try and sell.

So, once again apologies for the lack of posts. I'll try and think really hard about some adverts over the coming hours and share with them all with you without my name on them.

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