Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Found A Job...

... sort of.

Believe it or not actual living people with eyes and heads and minds and everything do actually read this blog. And one of those actual living people has asked me to do some work for him as a direct result of the very same half-baked brain-poo you lot are reading riiiight... NOW!

So there you go. Blogging actually works. Good, eh.

So what's the gig? Well, ok - I admit, Fallon haven't just given me the Cadbury account. And in fact it isn't really anything to do with advertising. Or design. Erm, or branding either.

No. Yesterday I had a very lovely chat with a man I'll refer to as Dave X. (His name isn't a secret, it's just I want to spare him the torment of his Google/Blogger alerts going off each time I mention him). Anyway, Dave's taken over as the editor of this (presently awful) website and the (nowhere near as awful) magazine that accompanies it. Said magazine is the listings/lifestyle/gubbins/guide to Liverpool 08 etc. It's owned by TrinityMirror and part funded by the Culture Company-dudes. Under the previous editor the mag slid into a kind of ersatz Cheshire Life territory with lots of ads for hairdressers and wedding frocks, and didn't really have a great deal to do with...erm... culture. But now Dave X is in charge, it's his job (and now mine!) to sex it up. Dave's plan is to turn it into Time Out - slick, indispensible, whistles and bells you motherfuckers.

And where do I come in? Well, primarily, I'm gonna be covering one of my favourite subjects... comedy! (not least since I was -embarassingly- a stand-up in a previous life.) And beyond that... who knows? Maybe some feature articles about all kinds wacky Liverpool shit! Maybe I could write an article about that tramp(?) who smokes cigars outside Jackson Canton solicitors office... or "Chicken George" who used to drink in The Grapes... or 10 Things To Do With Your Old Kenny Dalgleish... or Jan Molby's Horoscope Crossword...

It'll be brilliant. Just you wait and see.

So today, I'm a journalist. Maybe tomorrow I can be a postman?

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pisspoorenglish said...

sounds like a good spot...I for one would love to read about Chicken George. The actual culture of Liverpool, and thushenceforthness of the UK, that you can only get from filthy old men in pubs or the guy* who has sold cabbages on the same corner for 80 years.

*Said guy does not exist. probably.