Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Another Shit Update

I'm pressed like an orange for time again (look at that freshly squeezed time-juice in your glass!)

So here's some random shit for you.

A long time ago -well, not that long ago, but a good while ago - I invented a football team called Crabscarfe Town FC, who came from the (also made up) borough of Crabscarfe and Shithouse in Yorkshire (they had a colliery band together).

Anyway, I imagined Crabscarfe Town FC had a manager called Ken Wide, and I decided he looked like this:

The chairman/owner of the club was called Bernard Elellersley, and had made a lot of money selling Volvos. He looked like this:

But when Bernard was younger, he looked like this:

Not long after making all this up, I met a woman and promptly stopped thinking about football altogether.

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