Thursday, 29 May 2008

Did You Watch It Then?

(Tony Danbury? BBC News, actually).

Did you watch then? Well - did you? 'Course you bloody did.

So, was Difficult Worth Doing? Was the history of advertising changed by the world's first live commercial?

Erm... for me? Nah. Not especially. The best bit of was actually the direction - brilliantly mixed and "staged". The little shot of the "Jump when light turns green" sign was nice touch. All the shots of inside, outside, alongside - it was a proper little film in that sense. And then - oh shit! - that's where the whole concept breaks down. Doh! It was just too damn slick. A YouTube event/moment rendered using studio technique - whathefuck!? Christ, as if the adverts to advertise the advert weren't postmodern enough for you, the serpent doesn't just swallow its tail, it sucks its own cock too.

Live TV has its own vernacular. If something's "live" and meant to be "difficult", convention dictates that we need a Mike Smith anchorman awaiting the helicoptor crash. "Live" commericals already exist: The National Lottery, X Factor, that fucking Lloyd-Webber thing on BBC1. Why don't Honda just sponsor Record Breakers or something? Well, you know what Mr. Creative Director - I'm a pleb right? and I might be a bit thick and that, but I've seen skydiving loads of times. I've seen it in films and telly and all sorts. That Honda thing weren't anywhere near as good as Point Break. I don't see what all the fuss is about. I'm turing back over to watch Britain's Got Talent with that Piers Morgan fella...

...[Actually I fucking despise Piers Morgan. He looks like his face is made of necks, with proper little arse-kissers lips. "I think you've got REAL talent" he says to some peasant juggler, nose in the air, as though he's trying to sniff caviar over their shoulder. Cunt].

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