Friday, 1 February 2008

Something positive for a change

I bumped into W+K's new Honda campaign yesterday. (Or was it the day before..? Maybe... I dunno...)

...Anyway, I'm gonna stick my neck out and say -deep breath - I really, really like this.

This is so elegant it makes me sick. Some beautifully executed art-direction (across the whole campaign, actually) that Goldilocks herself would've been proud of (ie. not too hard, not too soft, but juuust right), coupled with an absolutely bullet-proof concept, makes this a blinder. My mate Bobby is well dazzled.

Although I suspect the idea of "problem solving" may have been lifted straight from their breif, it's an undeniably smart piece of work. You may disagree. However, the thing that I really love, and the thing that really interests me about this, is the notion of making the ads problems (albeit very simple ones) in themselves. Being passive isn't an option. Their form requires us to actively participate in them. It's not just an ad anymore. It's an object and an interface; the kind of content usually held back for a website or viral.

I'd love to see more of this kind of thing. In a world where we're all increasingly switching to digital it's good to see something that's playful and engaging that doesn't mean sitting infront of a bloody computer.

(Of course, there's still the obligatory, accompanying web-campaign for all those agoraphobics out there...)

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