Thursday, 28 February 2008

Blogging Cancelled Until Next Week

As my old mum often says, Christ Al'ruddy-mighty.

It's been a busy week and I've neglected my blog. So, to those who read it, I apologise. Profoundly. Please, please don't phone the social services. -Ok, so I've served dinner a little later than normal and paid for a few takeaways. But it's hardly abuse, is it... Is it..?

So. Normal blogging service will resume next week. In the meantime... erm... weren't the Oscars rubbish and all that... Did you see Daniel Day-Lewis kneeling before Helen Mirren? Ha! The fuckin' prick. "The nearest I'll get to a knighthood," he said in his bestest, Sunday masturbating voice (without a trace of Oirish)... what a horrible, self-congratulatory cunt. Personally, I hate him. His acting is appalling. However, I do think he's the greatest physial comedian since Buster Keaton. I mean, the last time he got an Oscar was for that Joey Deacon impression he did...

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