Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Advertising Feature

Dear Customer,

As a valued member of our coven, it is time for you to awaken from your slumber, and to join me, The Great Beast, in the shadow of this solstice moon as I lift the veil upon my infernal Winter Sale.

Behold! The altar of The Ancients - Quallthy, and Vhalyew. For unto them we offer this ritual sacrifice - the slashing of our prices (throughout the store) with the sacred dagger of Bargayne.

See now, whilst our prices drop, the madness descends... Into your unconscious mind, as I and my buyers establish psychic connection between you and your desires. Instore and online. Our minds are intertwined.

So place yourself at the mercy of the Aleister Crowley Winter Sale.

With 50% off selected items, you are but powerless to resist.

Starts Midnight.

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