Friday, 13 August 2010

Some bile I don't have time to do justice to. By which I mean, shape, like a wax figurine, into a towering homunculus of satire


I'm Tom. I'm an art director who loves skateboarding and great ideas.

And I'm Tim. I'm a copywriter who loves great ideas but not so much the skateboarding.

Together we make up the creative team, TimTom.

Cute, huh.

And no wonder. Because we recently graduated from Stirling Moss University with 1st Class Honours in Cute Communication and Conceptual Conceit.

And before all that we were lucky enough to be voted "Ones To Smirk At" at D&AD Cute Student Awards, as well as a bunch of other stuff we're too knowingly self-deprecating to mention here.

We'd rather just display our accolades in the top right corner of our website.

Which leads us, in a cute and so totally NOT contrived way, to our online portfolio.

Here you'll find some cute examples of the following:

- Some nicely scamped ads for a well known brand that hasn't needed to advertise for 20years or so, but which we've tried to re-invent with a cute concept and some knowing Dan Germain-style copy.

- A protracted concept for a well known, but slightly naff brand, (possibly Argos) that involves Facebook and to all the world looks like we've just stuck the logo on to an iPhone app.

- Multiple executions of a particularly smug idea for a public sector campaign, like we just didn't know when to stop.

- A totally unlikely ambient idea that isn't even cynical enough to inlcude in the Chip Shops, let alone have anything to do with the brand or what it might normally be saying.

Finally, here's some gushing, humble sounding bullshit about us wanting a placement and how awfully nice we are and don't mind making the tea which, if we're honest, is as close to real work either of us could bare.


Leon said...

Hey John,

weren't you a student once? Weren't your ideas once just what other people say?

Didn't you once own the conceit of youth, it's opportunity and innocence? Where did you become so jaundiced and self-knowing?

Don't you know that this youth is our future?

That you have a responsibility to guide it, nurture it and teach it how to make tea?

How to stand in the corner and wear a dunce's hat.

Take a good kicking.

In an industry that eats it's young we should at least learn to appreciate the flavour when we down their entrails?

Now, I'm not sure about the use of the apostrophe, not because I can be arsed but because I've been into banning it for years. Bit like the bloody monarchy.

Sorry, it is your blog, I know - also, apologies for the reference to I am Kloot earlier.


John said...

Yo Babs,

Don't apologise.

I never did the whole uni/placement/junior team thing. I got into advertising because, after doing lots of shit things, and not really knowing what to do, I discovered I could make money writing and making things up for people. So going to university to learn how to make up metaphors for shit products and put prices on photographs of them has always seemed a bit fucking absurd to me. Still, thousands of kids do it every year. And every year they come into agencies spouting increasingly awful, posturing bullshit and you know what? They all look THE FUCKING SAME TO ME.

Basically, I just find young people really fucking earnest and take themselves sooooo bloody seriously.

You can't even get your willy out infront of them anymore.