Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FREE in The Drum this month!

The 2010 marketing season is about to kick off. So pick up a copy of The Drum magazine this month and get your offical Drum 2010 sticker album, featuring all the latest fixtures, line-ups, and client rosters of all of your favourite premiership agencies outside of the M25!!

COLLECT all of your favourite players, managers, creative directors, Account Managers, Chief Execs, and Financial Controllers.

SWAP the faces of over 900 regional marketing professionals. From the man who holds the purse strings, to the girl who has to answer the phone.

GAWP at the management behind some of the most obscure and unremarkable marketing activity in the country.

GET STARTED with this FREE 3D Holo-card print of Nicky Unsworth of BJL.

In Next Months Issue: The 100 Tallest Account Handlers

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