Thursday, 23 April 2009

Under the Influence

Went to this last night. (shrugs shoulders)

Don't think I was quite pissed enough to get it if I'm honest. Despite a brilliant, charming and refreshingly honest talk about agency life by illustrator Si Scott, the rest quickly (really sadly) descended into Powerpointing planning wank and some fucking dismal number-crunching. Granted, number-wanking has it's place in the industry, but not on a night that's meant to influence and inspire creatives. The best bit was the video of some web application that let a fat moron scan baseball cards into his webcam, which then let him play Pong with a render of his character by pressing ONE KEY on his computer. "This is happening right now!" we were told excitedly. Wow. I'm sure Stephen Hawking'd love it.

A genuine well done to the guys at Iris for making the effort though. A bit more emphasis on creativity and creatives, rather than the clienty "Facebook has torn a hole in space-time" hysteria-bollocks and you'll be on to a bloody winner. Oh, and the veune looked great, by the way.

In fairness, I must just say please don't let my negativity put anyone off (I'm always bloody negative - don't try it home, kids). Apart from some crap speaking (in my view) Under the Influence, is a very, very good thing. The more people get involved, the better it'll be.

(Who got booted off The Apprentice, anyway?)


Angus said...

Awesome review.

John said...

Ever been to the London ones Mr. Angus?