Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kirstie's Homemade Galleon

I'm Kirstie Allsopp.

And if you're a busy mum like me, restoring a mid-17th century slave ship in time for your husband's birthday, can seem ever such a daunting task. Finding the time to phone mummy and daddy can be a com-pleeete... nightmare! But it simply needn't be.

In it's heyday, the Bright Phoebus transported thousands of Abyssinian slaves to the shores of Britain, bringing urgently needed footmen to our homes, and fabulous wealth to my ancestors. So sailing to Africa in period dress onboard the old family tub, seemed a perfectly fun treat for my husband's birthday.

In this series, I'll be showing you where to buy the finest silks and laces for your costumes, and how you can get 200 quality negroes to lie in the dark for a fortnight whilst you drink champagne above their heads for surprisingly little money.

In these times of doom and gloom, this program is all about doing it for yourself and making do with what you have... like doing the school-run in the old Bentley for a change. And if a loved-one dies, why waste money on a carbon-emitting cremation? Crack open the family mausoleum.

It really is so simple. Everyone can do it!

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