Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Look out! It's Art!

Alert! Alert! It's Art, people! Art! Everybody get down!

I'm excited so I'll try and be brief.

Went to the Liverpool Biennial over the weekend. Most of it's shit. However, two things stood out.

1. David Blandy's meta-imaginary soul singer stuff - a presentation of objects pertaining to a fictional soul singer called Mingering Mike who's been made-up by an unknown outsider artist, but who in turn has actually been made-up by David Blandy. Cue lots of ropey, hand-drawn album sleeves and fun with postmodernism.

2. The Royal Art Lodge's "Garbage Day" installation which is the best thing I've seen in bloody ages.

The Lodge is a collective of Marcel Dzama and a couple of his mates. (Dzama's famous for his weird little water-colour figures of things like haunted trees chasing girls, and melting snowmen - some of which have even graced the odd album sleeve). Each installation is a series of individual panels that have been passed around, each artist adding their own elements of painting, drawing, collage, text. The effect is a bit like a comic book. Moving from panel to panel with snatches of surreal narrative and dialogue, you pass through this little world full of talking animals, ghosts, giants, meaningless diagrams, jokes, death and lots of frogs. It's beautiful, enchanting, hilarious, totally immersive, satisfying and like nothing else you've ever seen.

The pics I've culled are from their website - a flavour of what to expect, but doesn't do it any justice. Go to The (normally rubbish) Bluecoat Chambers and see for yoursef. I'm going again before it finishes.

*** Very good. Great seller. Would buy again.

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