Friday, 31 October 2008

Creatives 0 - Management -1

This one's dedicated to the absolutely mind-rapingly stupid plight of Ross and Brand, victims of precisely the same sort of reactionary, bungalow-headed media cannibalism that let half of India know Britain had fallen to a fascist leader known as Jade Goody.

There. "Futile gestures" all round. Resignations, suspensions... a statement from the fucking PRIME MINISTER!!!?

As Frankie Boyle eloquently commented on the case of Jade Goody "If you dress a monkey up as a butler, don't complain when it starts shitting all over the carpet." The same is true of Ross and Brand ie. if you mic-up two gobshites in a room with a tape recorder, don't complain when they do something dumb.

So well done BBC for joining the cannibals in their hysteria. A bad creative decision compounded by a bad editorial decision upset precisely 2 people. But when the tabloids set their zombie minority on your switchboards you let them have exactly what they wanted, and offered your own people up to be eaten alive. Nice one. And by the time Ofcom and the trustees have finished bickering over how to cover their arses, Ross'll be pissing on you from C4's £Umpteen-billion digital vodcast moon channel.

What now then? Well, welcome to a brand new BBC that has roughly the same creative climate as East Germany once did. Look forward to 10,000 new episodes of 2 Pints of Lager and all new "Draconian Come Dancing."

(Tune in tomorrow for my Mail On Sunday world exclusive: "Was Diana's Hull Breached By Nazi Iceberg?")

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