Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mongs of Praise

Ha-ho, it is I Sir Harry Seacombe, sent down by God to go blogging on a Sunday -ha-ho!- and to spread the joyful word of our lord Jesus Christ Almighty. So lift up your voice and sing as we march hand in hand along the (information-super)Highway. Ha-ho.

Sunday is the traditonal day of roast. According to the Bible "on the seventh day He roasted" whilst at Easter time He roasted from the dead, don't you know. Ha-ho!

This weeks edition of (information-super)Highway comes from the beautiful town of Chichester, famous of course for it's magnificent cathedral and also it's annual arts and theatre festival. I first came here in 1964, with Thora Hird. We were appearing in Pygmalion together. I have fond memories of us meeting Michael Aspel after the show and us all taking poppers in the cloister over by the arch. Thora was still continent in those days, but we all pissed ourselves that night. Ha-ha-ho.

And from the spire you can see the rolling hills of the South Downs - truly England's green and pleasant land... That reminds me of a song...

"I'm walking backwards for Christmas..."

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