Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Where Art Students Go to Die

This post is for those comrades who fell in the name of the E4 ident, and for those who perished in the March 2000 M&S rebrand. This is for those who bravely gave their lives to account management or a minor public relations position, and to all those who simply vanished - the ones we lost to crap bands, vegetarianism or Marlboro Lights, graffiti or Charles Frith, fashion photography and dance music. This is for the tragic few we lost to further education and teaching overseas.

This is for the thousands who die at MTV every year, and for the cruelty suffered at the hands of the Channel 4 graphics department. This is for smoke blown up our arses by planning departments, and the barbaric futility of Creative Review.

The media kills hundreds and thousands of art students every year.

ArrĂȘtez le massacre.


Charles Frith said...

Blimey. What have I done now!

John said...

Ha ha ha! (Gulp!) Hello Charles. Caught me red-handed. Don't take it personally mate. Just a bit of fun. Although you are a blogging legend - part of the establishment no less. I know you'd never really kill an art student though, would you... Would you..!?

Adam said...

Amen brothers.

Charles Frith said...

Na of course not. Hmm art students. Very tasty ;)