Thursday, 24 April 2008

Boring Bastards

I was doing the blog rounds the other morning, when it suddenly occurred to me how soul-splittingly dull and drab and tedious the whole of Ad-Land blogging actually is. Whilst we might all "piss in the same pot" it's surprising to see how small that pot actually is; how many times the same You Tube clips pop-up, how many planners are reading the same (yawn) books, and how everyone (broadly) likes the same things. It seemed our Global Village had become just like any other village: close-knit, small minded and hilariously incestuous.

Then I thought, no -hang on. Maybe it isn't inbreeding at all. Maybe it's just that people talking about bloody work all the time is... Just. Shit. Like being stuck at a policeman's wedding or something -just one tedious, self-regarding anecdote after another; one great big room full of one great big godforsaken clique. Different voices telling the same stories.

I've finally had to stop reading some advertising blogs altogether, just because of the sheer futility of them. Like, I was reading about an obscure Dutch graphic designer one day and suddenly realised -holy shit!- that there were still some Shakespeare plays I hadn't actually read! Like, there I was, pissing my time away on something completely marginal and ephemeral when I could've been doing something truly edifying instead. Jesus! The internet makes it sooo easy -tooooo easy in fact - to just browse; to graze listlessly on information I/we don't need... It was time to get my priorities in order.


Orginally, I'd planned this post to be about the boring work blogs of Ad-Land and was gonna find some equally boring work blogs from other industries. But then 10minutes of Googling my tits-off to find some, I was so bored and frustrated by the whole thing I've decided to write this instead.

We've all been caught up in this silly race to be the first ones to navigate the fog and get to the future. But I'm bored as a fucking brat of all this fog - I want to see something, now!


Pieman said...

Tom/Raymond's blog is always worth a look for something a little unusual...

John said...

Hey up, Pieman! Fancy meetin' you here.

That's a cracking little link! Exactly the kind of something I was looking for.

10 points and a biscuit to you my man. Good lad! Ace.

pisspoorenglish said...

I shall endeavour to get more of the pisspoor element back into my blog, part of it's original intention.

I know what you mean. It's easy to get caught up in it though. Like being a lone slice of cucumber in a salad. Kind of.