Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Happy St. George's Day to you!

Hope you enjoy the simmering racism and incoherent working-class sentimentality of it all. Who knows - maybe you're lucky enough to have had your local decked out like a BNP rally already? With any luck, it'll be filled with tattooed men listening to World Cup anthems later on, and we can all slur along to Nessun Dorma. Brilliant!

Three cheers for Blighty! Hip-hip...

(ABOVE: British Bulldog)


pisspoorenglish said...

Poor Churchill!

I've lways said Paddys day is just the biggest viral around. No bloody pride in it, just advertising.

Now if some brand with plenty of credibility can just tie into St Georges...

John said...


Although Paddy's Day in Ireland has less to do with Guinness Plc. and more to do with the Irish being a nation of god-fearing auto-peasants (and proudy sponsored by Roman Catholic Church Plc...the oldest brand in the world no less! I'm Surprised "The Pope" doesn't have "TM" after it)

My money for the inevitable St. George hijack/tie-in has got to go on one of the big supermarkets... Tesco, M&S maybe? Local/english produce blah blah blah.

Indeed. A matter of time