Saturday, 11 September 2010

One for the road...

Here's a quick bit of homespun wisdom before I piss off for a week or so.

Always ask yourself does the script pass "The Blue Peter" test?

I'll explain.

If you wrote down an outline of Blue Peter in order to pitch it to someone it might go something like this:

"Three people, 2 blokes, 1 lass, in the studio. Maybe there's a dog. Or a tortoise. Each week one of them makes something or does a bit of baking. Another of them might interview a zookeeper. That kind of thing."

Sounds shit doesn't it. But we all know Blue Peter's been going for 40years and is still massively successful. Because the magic of Blue Peter is irreducible. It works because of the people involved; the presenters and producers.

So the next time you look at your script and think "They just won't see it," tell 'em about Blue Peter.

Not really a "test" I know. More of a device. But I've got a taxi coming in half an hour so I'm not really in the mood for pedants, ok.

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