Monday, 26 October 2009

The Best £10 I've Ever Spent

It's been a funny old weekend. After spending Friday night at a party with an old-lady style migrain and feeling like 75% dogshit, I needed some serious cheering up.

Lucky then I had tickets to watch Harold Pinter's The Caretaker at the Everyman in Liverpool the next day, cos -blimey O'Reilly- what could be more cheerful than the story of three mentally ill men trying to subjugate one another in a small room? Not much, right.

I've said here before it's not often I go to the theatre, and this particular production showed me exactly why that is: because most theatre will never be as good the play I watched on Saturday afternoon. As someone who'd only ever read Pinter's plays as a moody teenager, you HAVE to see them performed to understand just how fucking good they are - preferably by an amazing cast (inlcuding Jonathan Pryce), with a spectacular set, and some bloody reasonable ticket prices.

I think it's only on for another week though, so get your culture-fingers out you jaded scum and ponce on over to the Everyman for an unforgettable 2hours of the blackest comedy you'll ever see.

Happy days.

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