Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Advertising Feature

Hi, I'm Peaches,

I like to be above it all. And now you can be too!

Whether it's a backstage party, movie premiere, or bed-bath, you'll rise to the occasion in my patented Country House Elevator. It's easy to install and fun to ride... just like me!

Choose from a wide range of models and elevate your profile wherever you happen to be. Including:

The Kensington Glider
Willamsburgh Loft Trotter

Testimonial: "Thanks to the Peaches Geldof Country House Elevator, I can creep eerily on to hudreds of film sets, just like a praying mantis." - Nicole Kidman

So isn't it time you rose effortlessly above everyone else? Call my party-hotline today!
Peaches Geldof:
The No. 1 In Assisted Social Mobility

Coming Soon: The Peaches Geldof L.A Pool Hoist

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