Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Hey, how are ya? Gee, I'm great thanks. I just lOVe working in my office. It's so clean and modern, and that blistering unnatural strip lighting is just divine.

All those computers and phones and people coughing and sighing and moaning all around me. Aint it so cute?

Sigh. Don't you just adore all those people who wear their pass-cards round their necks... even on the train. And the way all the guys clutch their sandwiches in a faded plastic-bag, like their pathetic, timid lives depend on it. Day in. Day out. It is such a fuckin' hoot!

I just couldn't imagine not being institutionalised with my pass-card and my creased suit and my miserable sandwiches. And thank god I've got my Blackberry - I'm never more than a vital blip or a buzz away from the winning team.

Three cheers for work!

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