Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kick Me

I've been working at TBWA this/last week. It's in Didsbury. In a church.

Everyone's lovely. Maybe the chruch thing's rubbed off on them? Normally as a freelancer you get side-lined or ignored, or left out. You never really feel welcome anywhere. It's not like that here, though. Oh, no. Here they let me drink as much coffee as I want. It's ace!


If anyone from TBWA's reading this (except for Pisspoor Paul - he's sitting behind me blogging about Cannes, so he doesn't count) do you think it's possible someone could bully me a bit or something? I'm not used to people being nice to me all the time. Maybe someone could keep spilling tea on me, or moving my chair? My desk faces the wall, but if anyone can find a way to glare at me a bit, maybe?

Sorry to disturb you all. Just pretend I'm not here. Feel free to spit on me if you like...

1 comment:

pisspoorenglish said...

Today, I shall pour scolding hot coffee upon your face.