Thursday, 17 March 2011

How to get a job in advertising: Part 2 - Appendix

Remember what I was saying about agencies developing "cultures" yesterday?

Well watch this and tell me that that is a good thing. Go on. Tell me. I'd say culture aint just ordinary at IAS. It's positively fucking banal.

How could they possibly think this was a good idea!? You want us to think your work is comparable to that of the Romans, an empire famously NOT BUILT IN A DAY, yet you only seem capable of spending -what?- 2 minutes preparing a "KnowHow" video about your expertise!?

Well, thanks for that guys. Thanks for driving yet another six inch nail into the gaudy, thoughtless, and weirdly pretentious coffin of what was advertising. You stupid, stupid, sad, horrible I don't know whats.

(Thanks You Know Who You Are for bringing this to my attention btw. Don't worry, they won't think for a moment it was one of their own employees ;-) )


andywhite said...

Grrrr. That isn't a link John.You fool.

John said...

Works on mine, poppet. Your laptop had a stroke again?

andywhite said...

It's a screen shot, you enormous ponce.

John said...

Correct. The link is in the text, you contrary old shite.

andywhite said...



Leon said...

Thank fuck I didn't get a job there.