Sunday, 13 February 2011

Advertising Feature

The Working Class Sofa Company's sale status-light is currently flashing "On!", which means huge savings on all of our horrible looking sofas like this cream coloured thing here.

No one else offers a more extensive range of poorly made, oddly proporationed sofas.

We can dwarf or dominate any modest living room or conservatory.

Plus, all of our sofas are ideal for smoking on.

With 0% finance available to dog owners, there's never been a better time to buy a massive white leather corner unit to squeeze into your dingy, dusty front room.


Indira said...

are you actually available for freelance copy work?
We have a copy job that you may be perfect for.
I can't say here who the agency or client is, etc.

Please e-mail me, asap, if you might be interested.

John said...

Hi Indira,

You should have recieved a lovely, and extrememly well crafted email from me by now.

But. Just to clarify for the benefit of any other prospective employers, I am actually a real copywriter, and do actually do quite well out of it. Obviously, if someone wants to pay me to write this kind of shit for them, then that's awesome. But I'm very good at proper work as well - briefs where you can't swear and stuff.

So feel free to follow Indira's ingenious example here, and get in touch via the comments section.

Bring it on.