Monday, 18 April 2011

10 Reasons LOVE Should Post This on Their Blog

1. (Being the main reason) There hasn't been anything proper to read on there for nearly two full moons now.

2. That post about Ste's bag doesn't count. It's a bag. Not a blog. And we want blogs, not bags. Or at least some kind of happy medium where the bags and the blogs can put aside their differences and work together.

3. PLUS, didn't Saul Bass say good design was all about compromise or something anyway? No? Well he should've done.

4. I am massively nosey. So posting this on your blog would mean I could read it back to myself and pretend it was a genuine news piece from inside your agency, like "10 Incredible Things We've Been Too Busy To Tell You About", or "10 Reasons Why Ste Owen Uses the Park & Ride." Imagine that! And then I could tell everyone what I'd just pretended to read, and they'd all be like, whoa that sounds amazing, or who the hell is Ste anyway - that guy who smells of crisps? And I'd be like, dude just go and read it for yourselves, which they would, and your web traffic would be like, boooom, through the roof, metaphorically speaking, although a skylight would be cool wouldn't it. Especially if you're nosey.

5. Erm, I am the most powerful copywriter in Britain, and hugely influential. So an endorsement from a headline act like me could lend serious kudos to a "modest concern" like yours. There is no irony in my eyes when I say that, by the way. Only a feral, bloodthirsty stare.

6. It's got a helpful picture of a wasp in it.

(You're welcome).

7. I can be your first ever uninvited guest blogger.

8. Every time you don't update your blog, Death updates his (and gets 100 new followers in heaven).

9. We're old friends and it's a nice day. It'd be a nice thing to do (group hug guys).

10. I will remain a werewolf until then.


Phil Skegg said...

John, you've got yourself a job. Payment will be a FREE annual subscription to Steve's Handbags of the World Monthly Newsletter.

And I'll get someone to post up your blog.

John said...

Ste's grubby/weird mag you say!?

SQUEAL!! That's a result and a half.

Cheers Uncle Phil!